Magical Lessons from Spring

There’s something magical about spring, don’t you agree? It renews our hope, makes us smile, and warms us up (literally!) Spring actually has much to give and teach us, if we’ll just pay a little attention and participate.

For example, for gardeners, now’s the time to prepare the soil and plant seeds.

spring lessons

We all have dreams and passions. And…it all starts with one small seed. Let’s learn from what Spring shows us and apply the lessons to our life-especially to our own growth and transformation.

Consider these questions for something in your life that you’re ready to grow.
Like good soil and water, what nourishment would help your dream to grow?

Is there anything in your heart that you could clean so that you are nourishing your dream with “clean water” as my spiritual teacher would say.

Clean water represents divine qualities like truth, love, and mercy. Many times we’ll have fear and worry when it comes to our dreams. If you notice a negative thought or emotion, replace these with divine qualities. Send prayers that will nourish what is important in your life.

What is one small step you can take today that would advance you to manifesting or expanding your purpose?

Taking action, even if it is a small step, is like planting a seed. When nourished, the seed becomes a seedling and eventually reaches its full potential.

Our dreams are just like this. So, begin today.

Nourish your life with the “clean water” of divine qualities and with one small step that helps you grow.

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